The Early Intervention Section

Early Intervention

From its inception, the Centre has sought to offer comprehensive services to children starting at an early age (from birth to 6 years). The program of the Early Intervention Section entails visiting children with special needs in their homes and training their mothers on how to deal with their children’s needs.

* This program is based on two key services:

  •  Internal services that involve:
  1. Enhancing the abilities of the children that are being trained at home in order to prepare them for the pre-school section.
  2. Integrating the children into the mainstream private and public schools available in their respective neighborhoods and following up on them through periodical visits.
  3. Evaluating the children’s abilities using the Developmental Profile Test to comprehensively assess the children’s intellectual age.
  •  External services that involve:
  1. The home visits program: this is a training service provided to mothers and children at home. It focuses on training mothers on how to work with their children.

The referral program: this involves identifying the problem(s) the child suffers from and referring the child to a specialist to diagnose the problem accurately in order to work on solving it, whether it is to a speech therapist, or to hearing and eyesight examination centers.