A few words from
Princess Sarvath El Hassan

The Bunayat Centre for Special Education was founded to cater for the education of children with special needs who as a result of there being no specialized educational opportunities not only in Jordan, but the entire Arab world, were often totally marginalized within society . It therefore gives me much satisfaction to see how the project has developed from small but idealistic beginnings in 1974, into an institution which is regarded as a Centre of Excellence nationally and regionally. We can be proud that as a result of the time spent at the our school and pre vocational unit, disadvantaged young Jordanians enter adulthood with the skills needed to live a dignified and productive life. I wish everyone connected with the Centre and most especially the students, every possible success in the future. I also commend the tremendous efforts of so many dedicated teachers and instructors, and also those who have supported the YMWA both materially and morally for many years.

— HRH Princess Sarvath El Hassan

A Few Words from the Centre’s Director

“On behalf of the board members of the Young Muslim Women’s Association (YMWA) and
myself, I would like to express our sincere thanks to and deep appreciation of our friends, partners and parents for their continued support. Under the directives of HRH Princess Sarvath El Hassan, the Bunayat Centre, with the dedicated commitment of our administrative and educational staff to our mission, vision and values, is working to implement our new strategic plan. Despite the long journey ahead of us, we are implementing our vision in steady steps and have great hopes for the continued success of the Bunayat Centre and our students, who are the focus of our attention.”

— Rasha Nasrallah

Our Strategic Initiatives

To include speech and functional therapies within the services we offer

To improve our students’ lives, their independence and, therefore, their participation in society, by placing a greater emphasis on speech therapy. Through training and specialized sessions with experts, we will provide a holistic learning experience for our students. We aim to do this by partnering with dedicated global or local entities/experts who can provide the best care for our students.

To offer specialized training services

To offer training sessions for other similar institutions, conducted by our staff members. This will be done by taking advantage of the extensive knowledge and rich experience that some of our staff have garnered over years of dealing with special education students. These training sessions can be topical and will focus on spreading both knowledge and awareness, while also supporting income generation for the centre.

To establish handcraft incubators and collaborations with local talents

  • To utilize the centre’s existing fixed assets outside working hours to collaborate with local and international designers and artists, to hold special incubation/training sessions that can be open to the public.
  • To evaluate the current handicraft facilities and expand on them, as needed, in order to produce new products, which could further contribute to the inclusion of special needs talent in the workforce.
To develop new programs for non-curricular activities

To expand our existing activities to include new students, while promoting the centre and providing a unique and valuable offering, such as summer and evening clubs. Such initiatives will include training workshops on certain crafts, recreational activities/trips and awareness programs.

To expand, promote and sell our students’ products through new channels

  • To offer high quality products partially/fully made by our students from our various professional rehabilitation and vocational sections (ceramics, mosaics, textiles, horticulture, carpentry, nutrition), in addition to new crafts that can be added based on a market demand study.
  • To promote the products heavily, through an extensive marketing plan that utilizes exhibitions, online channels and influencers.
To secure funding to upgrade our facilities and expand our student base

To upgrade and expand the current infrastructure, from the buildings to the overall facilities, as well as our transportation services, by securing new funding streams. To develop a rich and attractive educational offering to encourage affluent students to enroll, in order to continue subsidizing the fees for our underprivileged students.

Administrative positions at Bunayat Centre for Special Education

Moh’d Rawashdeh
محمد الرواشدة
ناديا موسى
Nadia Mosa
Bayan Al Amarat
بيان العمارات
هديل اسعد
Hadeel Asaad
Mona Sopeh

Secretary of Curriculum Section

Manal Jebreen

Social Worker

Maha Talab


Moh’d Ghanem

Head of Vocational Section

Nadia Al Hanbali

Head of Pre-School Section

Ghadeer Al Marie

Executive Secretary

Rasha Nasrallah

Centre’s Director