Our Goals

  • To provide quality education using technology.
  • Attracting competencies attracting, developing, and maintaining existing staff.
  • Emphasizing the entity’s being to be a national and regional leader and a center of excellence that follows international standards and provides distinctive quality solutions.
  • Create a safe and sound learning environment.
  • Empowering students through their vocational training to keep up with the requirements of the labor market.

Our Values

  • Our students come first and they are the focus of our attention. Respecting their rights is our priority.
  • We will provide a supportive and fair working environment for our employees. Guaranteeing their rights is our responsibility.
  • We will ensure quality and safety in all aspects.
  • We will provide excellent care for our students through our committed and ambitious team that follows the best international practices.
  • We are committed to social responsibility towards our community.
  • Integrity, credibility, trust and mutual respect are the basis for the relationship between the parents of our students, our students and our employees.

Our Message

To help students with mild to moderate intellectual disabilities and autism spectrum disorder, so that they can enjoy better social and professional autonomy and be integrated into the labor market, through our commitment to provide them with education, training and a positive nurturing work environment for both students and staff, and to increase societal awareness about the needs of this vulnerable group in our society.

Our Vision

  • The Centre will be a leading driver in empowering students with special needs and autism spectrum disorder in Jordan, as well as a pioneering model in the region.