HOW YOU CAN HELP ( Financial support )

Monetary financial contributions will allow the centre's management to allocate funds where seen fit These contributions will mainly materialize in :

Uplifting our facilities & curriculum

- Growing & updating our physical facilities to support the vision in mind
- Updating the educational program - richer material, acquiring new accreditations
- Bringing experts to consult on the future of the curriculum

Greater awareness & wider Student Inclusion

- Raising awareness about disabilities and how the centre can help
- Attracting financially able students who through their fees can sponsor other disadvantaged students
- Providing opportunities to adopt students by contributing to their annual fees - 3000 JOD/yr
- Initiatives that focus on inclusion in the market and within the community - job fairs, internships etc
-Accessibility to remote students through wider transportation coverage

Increase in marketed porducts

- Expanding current vocational products
- Bringing on artists and experts
- Creating a strong marketing, multi-channel campaign to grow this financial stream

HOW YOU CAN HELP ( Non financial support )

We understand that certain entities would prefer to help in other nonmonetary contributions. The following are some of the fields that you can help with :

- Consult on the overall curriculum to be updated according to the latest globally recognized standards.
- Direct the centre towards self-sufficiency by introducing untapped student segments and profitable opportunities.
Market Understanding
- Provide structured research that can identify workplace gaps to be filled by disabled students
- Provide information on the ideal way to market the center's products
Bringing the Experts onboard
- Help us bring experts on board such as speech therapists, as well as vocational practical specialist
- Host dedicated training sessions
Securing the Future
- Spotlight full-time job opportunities
- Assisting in promoting the centre, its services and its products
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