Teaching and Training

Teaching and traingin

The Centre provides its students with various academic and training skills through academic curricula, as well as through the application of the activities of the independent AUEN (Addressing Unique Educational Needs) curriculum.

The Centre carries out its duties by:

  1. Supervising the preparation of individual academic plans (for each semester, month and week) for the Centre’s students and following up on the implementation of these plans throughout the academic year in the Center’s three sections.
  2. Monitoring the performance of the students through a follow up form for different skills.
  3. Preparing the annual report of the students’ performance.
  4. Communicating regularly with the heads of the sections and the teachers regarding the activities that are actually used in order to achieve the set goals.
  5. Providing the needed learning materials and aids for the set goals inside the classrooms.
  6. Involving the parents in evaluating their children’s performance through certified forms that are sent to them on a regular basis.